Use a Flame Sprayer to incinerate a wide range of enemies and cause continous burning.


Adeline gains a burning effect upon hitting enemies, burning damage will gradually increase, stacking up per level.


Creates a burning field surrounding her, absorbing damage and continuing to burn nearby enemies.


When firing a burning bomb that hits an enemy or a wall, it will burn within an area within the range and damage enemies.


Creates a ring of fire, causing enemies to burn in that area, increases burning damage. When the hero is in the ring of fire, it reduces the cooldown of Burning Shield.


Adeline, a master at using a flamethrower, has been part of the Special Tactics Force from the Sacred Vanguards.

Before the Elemental War, she was assigned to curb the increasing cases of biological zombies appearing out of nowhere and to find out the cause of it. She travelled around, incinerating and destroying all traces of the zombies and preventing them from spreading further. When the war broke out, "Glacier" started to heavily manufacture biological weapons and she suspected that they have something to do with those previous biological zombies.

Now, as a Captain of the Special Tactics Force, she has lead the line countless time in the fight against biological warfare. Her passion and determination will often rub off onto her team-mates, to the point that even proud veteran fighters like Kennof would not hesitate to fight alongside her even in the most dangerous of situations.

With Night Blade hellbent on creating more biological hazards in the great war, Adeline is more determined than ever to bring an end to all this chaos.