Emissions the healing energy ball. After hitting the target, it creates a healing chain that can heal the teammates. If attacking an enemy, it will deal damage.


When there is a nearby teammate with less than [00F4FF]#1#%[-], movement speeds increases.


Place an Ex-power Device to increase allied attack within the range.


When you rush to a friendly target and go to the target, you will gain a certain speed bonus and life regen effect for yourself and this target.


Place a Recovery Device for friendly allied forces in the area and continue to restore HP.


Ben served in SAT, an elite united nations troop of combat medics. Contrary to other medic troops, SAT members are not only trained to save lives during war time, but to also fight in one. Ben's capabilities have surpassed even the finest of the lot. During the Elemental war, Ben and his team participated actively, often changing the tides of many losing battles.

A few years after the war, Ben received a mission to reinforce a Jade Core Preservation Facility that was in danger of losing its precious Jade Core fragments. However, not long after arriving at the facility, they soon discovered that there were traitors amongst them as they were suddenly assaulted by a member of their own team, scattering the SAT members to various parts of the powerless facility.

Soon, Ben found out from a dying team-mate that SAT was actually targeted by a mysterious secret agent called "Cliff Shadow". In the end, the Jade Core Fragments were stolen, and many of Ben's team-mates had perished.

A few months later, Ben signed up for the Sacred Vanguards, in a bid to avenge his dead friends and bring down Cliff Shadow once and for all.