Striking three shuriken, straight path with a long range.


Red's jumping height and moving speed are enhanced, and double jumps can be used.


Throw out the boomerang and inflict damage to enemy units that you encounter. Use again in halfway through the skill will teleport to the boomerang location.


Release a piece of smoke. When the red is in the smoke, it can go into stealth. When you use any skill, it will appear briefly.


Aiming to lock multiple enemy targets, shuttle through the battlefield at extremely fast speeds, and launch a deadly blow to each locked target.


Kurenai, Tantric Ninjitsu successor and disciple to the Master of the sect.

She began displaying extraordinary talent for the sacred arts at a very young age and the Master have extremely high hopes for her, inadvertably also doting on her more than any others.

That is, until the arrival of...

Musashi, a mysterious mercenary assassin, cloaking his identity and joining the sect under false pretense. He and Kurenai were mutually attracted to each other but not long after, Kurenai witnessed her Master being killed by Musashi and vanishing with a sacred scroll that their sect have kept safe for centuries.

From then on, vengence became the driving force from which lead her to follow the trail of Musashi all over the world.