Gatlin has a fast firing rate, a large ammo, short fire range, and a large scattering range.


Continuous firing will gain a BUFF of damage boost, Stop firing will begin dropping stacks of the BUFF, the higher the BUFF stacking, the slower the movement speed, and higher the attack speed.


Throw a trap on the ground. For each enemy triggering the trap, you will receive a small amount of damage and be confined.


Append yourself with a shield of blood. During this time, the damage done by Kennof can be converted to a shield.


Raise the machine gun in place to inflict devastating damage to enemies in the front fan range. You can turn the angle but cannot move.


Kennof is a tall and muscular mercenary, fond of wearing air-craft grade armour and using the highly destructive Gatling Machine Gun. Being both defensively and offensively sound, he was given the nickname of "The Fort".

When the biological epidemic occured, Kennof took part in the containment actions lead by the Sacred Vanguard's Special Tactics Force. It was during this time that he came to know Adeline, Captain of the Special Tactics Force. Working alongside her, he discovered a sense of accomplishment never before felt in his entire career as a mercenary.

Since then, he has actively volunteered in all missions lead by Adeline, their increasing rapport helping them to accomplish many a difficult missions.

However, despite Adeline's numerous invites to join the Special Tactics Force, Kennof has never agreed to her request.