Emitting a small electric ball, each small electric ball consumes a small amount of electricity. The electric ball has a slower speed and is suitable for shooting in the middle distance. The electric ball will automatically track the target with the electric shock chain effect.


Charge recovery speed in battle mode. After stopping, the power recovery rate per second will increased.


Emperating an electric shock device attached to a weapon toward the front will maintain its connection with the enemy after it is hit, and it will continue to cause damage and deceleration.


After the temporary charge, launch an electric pulse to cause harm to the target and stun the target.


The release of a high-voltage arc in front of you will do some damage to enemies in the area. When there are arcs on two or more bodies whose unit distance is close distance, they will continue to suffer damage.


People used to say, a genius and a mad man are easily indistinguishable. There are plenty of mad scientist around, but if you are to look for a perfect balance of both, then "Lightning" is the one.

"Lightning" was struck by lightning a long time ago and miraculously, he survived. Not only was he still alive, he became obsessed with it, indulging in all kinds of electrically charged experiments. Eventually, he managed to harness this technology to a whole new level never before heard of.

Convinced that electricity is the most sopisticated natural energy to ever exist, he genetically re-modelled his body to be able to withstand the strongest of electrical flow. Yet, it was still not enough for him. He wanted not just for himself, but for all of mankind to experience the marvelous feel of electrical current coursing through their body.

For Lightning, he believed that electricity has the capability to raise a person's intellectual ability, enlightening them even!