Rapid bow archery, if you press and hold the attack button perform charging attack, hold longer to increase the attack.


Standing in a stationary state ito improve stabilities, which can reduce the time required to performe bow attack.


Goes into Windwalk state. In this state, you can slightly increase the running speed, and completely avoid any damage.


Sprint a distance ahead, hitting and blinding the enemy and jumps back a distance.


Cast a fatal Hawkeye. Launching a bow in this state will inevitably hit the enemy's weakness causing double damage, and the normal attack will become a strong burst.


Many years ago, decendants of the Amazon warriors formed a secret group called the "Freedom Mountains" and lived in obscurity, far away from any civilisation.

As their name suggest, they believe in the freedom of both the body and soul, and that all living things come from one Mother's body, the Gaia. In the warm embrace of Gaia, all living things are equal.

Because of this, whenever something threatens to throw the balance of the world's equlibrium, they will appear and punish them

During the Elemental War, Glacier's plan to eliminate the minority and exploit the sacred Mother's name to form the "Gaia Sect", which in reality, is being used to cause widespread turmoil and chaos.Disrespecting and tarnishing the great Amazon warrior's very belief of the "Freedom Mountain". For these, they allied with the "Sacred Vanguards and went about actively putting down the chaos of war.

After the war, they went back to their reclusive ways, that is, until the re-emergence of the Maia Sect. To take down this threat and defeat the "Bishop", Freedom Mountain decided to deploy their best warrior, Krystal to investigate. With the purity of their faith resting on her shoulders, she wasted no time in joining the fray.