Medium-range weapon, low attack speed and low attack power, can perform mid-range and long-range attacks.


After a period of time to get a recovery, the next time you recover a certain amount of life for yourself, hitting the target with a double shot can reduce the cooldown of this passive effect.


Charge forward to attack, entering melee mode, every target hit during the attack will prolong this status for with time.


Upon taking fatal damage, releases an illusion.


Hurls two blades dealing damage to enemies in its path, returns to you upon its max distance or upon reactivation of the skill.


Attacks 3 times at melee range. First 2 attacks deals lower damage, however its third attack deals higher damage.


Musashi is the cream of the crop for a band of mercenaries, often embarking on solo missions and keeping his whereabouts unknown. Nobody knows his true identity or history, but as long as the price up to his expectation, he will be yours to command.

Musashi is not only an expert at kendo, but also highly adept at the use of firearms. But his most prized ability is that of ninjutsu, which he acquired while on one of his missions.

A few years back, Musashi received a secret request to kill a prominent Master of a reclusive tantric sect and obtain a sacred scroll. He disguised himself as a member of the sect but while he was in there, he fell in love with a fellow sect member, Kurenai. She too, has feelings for Musashi.

However, all was not to last, Kurenai witnessed "Musashi" killing her beloved Master and stealing the revered scroll. Consumed by rage, she went all out to try and kill Musashi. Musashi had no choice but to temporarily go into hiding.

After some investigation, he found that all these had something to do with Night Blade. At the same time, Kurenai is hot on his trail, bent on taking revenge...