Released a small group of nano bots from the group and attack the target After the attack ends, the nano bot will return to himself and inflict damage to himself.


When your current health is full, general attacks will have their own healing effect converted to armor.


Let a part of the nanobot stick with an enemy target and any damage taken from you will be transferred to enemy from the nanobot to the target.


Consumes all nano bots to and explode, causing damage to enemies within the area surrounding the nanobot's location.


Sending out a fleet of nano bots to enemies in front of a straight line and connect the enemies together. When one of the enemy targets is harmed, the other enemies will also take damage.


As we all know, Angels do exist.

Of course, not those angels dressed in white, with a pair of white wings, harping songs high up in the heavens but rather, the angels of our everyday lives - doctors. They do their best to provide for others, saving countless lives along the way. But, not all doctors are the same.

Take for example Eason, a doctor more synonymous with death rather than saving lives.

He was a master in his field, an outstanding scholar and also one of the greatest researchers during his time. Eason's knowledge on nano-technology is superior to none, creating nano robots for use in surgeries that no human can ever hope to accomplish. He took it upon himself to help as many people as possible using his inventions, and people adored him. But something happened that changed him drastically.

In a devastating terroist bomb attack which wounded many people, his own wife included, a UN official pulled rank to prioritise helping another woman, directly causing Eason's wife to die from her injuries. If she was treated fairly in receiving treatment, she would have survived. And all these happened while Eason was saving the lives of countless others from the blast.

From then on, the doctor who had always thought of saving people was no more, and in its place, a vengeful soul bent on wreaking havoc with his nano robots was born.