Small laser guns have a slower attack speed, and the precision of the attack is suitable for long-distance shooting.


When the enemy attacks or releases his abilities, increases the healing effect, max energy cap is limited.


Consume all energy and heal all targets within the area around you. The more energy you consume, the stronger the healing effect will be.


Get a shield equaling the amount of HP. When the shield is broken, it deals damage and deceleration to enemies within a small area around you. .


A slow-moving blast wave is released in the forward direction. The teammates encountered on the path will receive healing and a short time acceleration. The enemies encountered on the path will be injured and reduced in speed.


Sarah used to be a medic in the Alliance Army and has saved countless lives. For this she was nicknamed the Guardian Angel.

During the time of the elemental war, she came to realize the harsh reality of war.

With the onslaught of a biochemical infection caused by a certain "corporation", she saw that merely saving lives wasn't enough. The war has to end and to do that, she will need to be more than just a medic.

With her elite skills, she has been given a chance to fulfill her potential by joining the Sacred Vanguards. Using advanced technology, she mastered the use of area-of-effect-healing equipment and middle-far ranged ionic weapons. Missions with her on board is a whooping 80% success rate with 0% mortality.

Now, Sarah has become an integral part of what the Vanguards stands for.