Mid-range weapons, low attack but can be used for close-range combat. They are not suitable for long-range attacks.


Quickly climb and jump to the maximum height.


Switch from primary weapon to sniper rifle, click the skill button again to ues the scope .


Detects enemies within a certain range, and gains sight to perceive the enemy's red silhouette. Each time you feel an enemy gain an additional speed increase, you gain a certain time speed bonus.


The speed of sniper rifle attacks are accelerated over a period of time, and reaching full attack power without charging. The buff will sustain for a short duration.


Enables scope-mode to attack enemies from a distance. Requires cooltime to charge up its shot, the longer the charge, the higher the damage dealt.


Zynko was born into a military family and she was heavily influenced from a young age. Weapons to her are like what dolls are to the average girls.

She broke the record for sniping when she was 14. During the elemental war, she was consigned to be the main sniper for the Sacred Vanguards and her kills rate was enough to earn her the nickname of Sniping Queen from both allies and enemies alike.

When the allies received news of the Night Blade's return, they got her out of retirement to assist in the operations.

Working as the chief instructor for the sniping team, she turned them into deadly killers within a few weeks. Equipped with the latest technology, she will definitely be a nightmare for any enemies who stands in her way!