Medium-range weapon, moderate attack speed, with a relatively stable recoil, can perform long-range shooting


After defeating the enemy, you can copy and disguise as that very same enemy. Dealing damage to enenies will cancel the effect.


Goes into stealth mode and resets the cooldown of your Resonance Cutter. While in stealth mode, increases your movement speed. Dealing any damage will cancel its effect.


A Melee weapon which deals high amount of damage to enemies close by, deals damage according to the enemy's max HP, backstab on enemies will deal extra damage.


Fires a ray of light that bounces between targets within a range. Able to fire up multiple tmies.


Chloe was originally a special agent in the recon department, code named "Cliff Shadow". She has the ability to infiltrate behind enemy lines and accomplish her mission.

Not long ago, when news broke out about the re-emergence of Night Blade and the Grand Bishop of "Gaia", the department sent several agents to recon the situation but to no avail. Finally, this mission came to a rest on Cliff Shadow. However, after investigating for a few months, the department lost contact with her.

Recent reports claim that a heavily guarded facility was infiltrated by none other than the missing Cliff Shadow, but no one was ever able to prove the claim.

"Cliff Shadow" is not only highly skilled in the ways of espionage, she is also extremely adept at changing her appearance. Other agencies have started to take precaution against her but she is still able to appear whenever and wherever she wishes to, and similarly disappear as though she has never existed.