A melee attack that uses dual claws to pounce the enemy in front of you.


Claw's ability, use any skill which deals damage to the enemy to regen life. Recover by per second, dealing additional damage over time to refresh the duration.


Jumps to an enemy and deals damage. After hitting an enemy, increases own movement speed slightly.


Increase attack speed and movement speed for a certain period of time, lasting a couple seconds, and reset the frenzy cooldown time when you hit the enemy with enhanced skills.


Waves his two claws dealing large amount of damage to all players in range, players can move away during the attack but are unable to use abilities.


"Claw" was originally a lab rat, numbered 9602, controlled by Night Blade.

In order to study the means of artificially enhancing the human body, as well as implanting weapons into the subject, "Claw" was subjected to numerous inhumane experiments. The extreme suffering caused "Claw" to gain superhuman strength and durability, but this also forced him to be on the verge of madness.

During the elemental war, the laboratory was assaulted by the allies who didn't have full infomation on what the facility contains. The breakdown in security allowed subject 9602 to escape from the prison that has been his home for as long as he could remember....

When Night Blade re-emerged, so did reports on subject 9602. Whatever intentions that this modern age frankenstein has, nobody could verify or rather, nobody dared to.