Launches a clay bomb that can stick to the wall. Bombs left on the ground can detect nearby enemies, shown as a red silhouette.


Initating Jammer on the enemy causes enemies to be unable to aim you for a short duration.


Detonate all clay bombs in the scene. Only works on clay bombs.


Shots a Shock Grenade, repels enemies in an explosion.


Throws a grenade to enemies within a range, impairing enemy movement speed and exploding after a duration.


"Blaster", orginally known as Jack, is a dangerous criminal as well as a demolition genius.

He was once a prestigious demolition expert. The clever but extremely short-tempered mutated rat on his shoulder, Jerry, is his pet.

However, queer in his love of fiery explosions, he was far from being a criminal.

All these, however, changed when a group claiming to be "Sacred Vanguards" came and captured all his friends and family, never to be heard from again.

As an act of vengence, he became "Blaster" and started assaulting anything that has to do with the Sacred Vanguards. Not long after, he became a global fugitive and was regarded as one of the most dangerous criminals.

Multiple attempts have been made to bring him down but all have failed. Each time, he managed to escape being captured, his hatred towards Sacred Vanguards grew stronger. And this vicious cycle is set to continue...