Sustained release of energy causes damage to the enemy, attack with spiritual shock, spiritual control. The enemies distrubing the effect will receive x2 damage.


Every interval, Bishop will release Sprititual Shock, impairing the movement speed of enemies.


Control your target to move in the opposite direction of their control. Controlled targets cannot perform displacement and steering operations for a short duration.


It becomes difficult to catch, while continuing to inflict damage and deceleration to nearby enemies, it will not be harmed by itself and it will end up converting the damage done to its own health.


Affecting the controls of enemies within a small area to go haywired. Controls will be reversed, assisted target failure, lasting for a set of duration.


"Bishop" has the psychic ability to influence a person's thoughts, rendering them vulnerable and unable to resist. Getting on his bad books is as good as asking for death.

The Bishop's past is a mystery despite the amount of effort put into trying to uncover his true identity. It was said that he had once used the identity of "Louie.D.Walter" but nothing concrete was ever confirmed. Those who might have known his secrets are believed to be dead.

Since the upheaval caused by the war, the "Bishop" made use of the chaos to control a huge number of followers and created the "Gaia Sect". Its headquarters is believed to be of the past, St. Bernard Cathedral, now known as the "Louie Cathedral".

According to some top secret information, "Bishop" might have already been in cohort with Night Blade before the elemental war even started. Many agents have tried to investigate but none has ever been heard from again.

Now, with the re-emergence of Night Blade and the "Bishop", everybody's resources have been focused on trying to unearth what their true intentions are.