A long-range weapon, launches a rocket to a target location, exploding on impact. Explosions will deal damage to enemies within a small area.


Goes into a rage when HP is low and gains increased attack rate and reload speed. When your HP is reduced below [00F4FF]#1#%[-], you will gain a short boost of movement speed, when HP is reduced below a certain limit, you will gain double the movement speed effect.


Generates a shield to absorb damage taken and convert to HP, shield has duration.


Throws a grenade to enemies, impairing enemymovement speed and exploding after several seconds


Rapidly launch tracking missiles, missiles will pursue surrounding targets. The missiles will launch aimlessly if there are no enemies around.


Daven was once a scientist belonging to "Glacier", tasked to research the minimizing of harmful radiation caused by using the Elements. He honestly believed that what he was doing was for the good of mankind, and he poured his heart and soul into the research.

When "Project Prometheus" was uncovered, Daven realized that he had been a pawn all along in Glacier's plans to weaponize and control the elements.

Enraged, Daven tried to escape to the Allies Army, bringing with him Sample "TXP66", his fruit and labour of all his hard work. But Glacier would never allow him to do so.

As Glacier closed in on his whereabouts, a desperate Daven injected sample TXP66 into his own body, with hopes that he would die and with it, destroy the sample as well. As excruciating pain took over his body, he fell unconscious.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in a lab within the Allies Army. Although he survived, his body had mutated under the influence of TXP66. Nevertheless, it did not hinder his brillant mind from continuing to do what he does best - finding a cure for the harmful effects of the Elements.