Use shotguns to attack close-range enemies and hit a large number of shrapnel to inflict damage on enemy.


When it is killed, it causes an explosion to inflict damage on nearby enemies. If it succeeds in dealing damage to the enemy, Adam will be resurrected with minimum health


Charge forward to a target causing dizziness.


Emitting a towing grenade and hitting an enemy or a wall surface explodes, causing a center-pull effect on enemies.


Load Hellfire Grenades. Three times after the use of this skill, will turn normal attack into the Pulp Grenade.


With the age of elemental industralization, many factories have started using security Androids. To them, not only are these androids capable of working far beyond the limits of a normal human being, their main elemental power core which provides all the power that they need can be recycled and use for other purposes when needed. However, an android without their power core is useless and will be disposed of to a scrap material dumping ground.

To the north of the largest elements factory lies the biggest dumping ground. Adam was one of those androids dumped there waiting to be processed.

However, one day for some unknown reason, Adam's main system processor rebooted itself, waking Adam up from his deep slumber. Not only is he capable of functioning, his AI intelligence has also been significantly boosted.

He has no recollection of where or how he was created, and for that reason, he started wandering around aimlessly until he stumbled upon a black underground market, the Android arena. That was when he won his first match and found the meaning of his existence. But his newfound purpose was also what brought him to the attention of the mafia, who ruthlessly took advantage of his naivety and "befriended" him.

Being in the company of these underground mafia figures, he eventually adapted to the life of being a thug.