Strike your fist forward to launch an energy attack target and causing damage to a certain distance.


Transmute Spirit Armor on yourself, wrap yourself around your body and gain a certain amount of movement speed; when the armor is broken, the character can't attack and use the skill.


Press and hold the skill to charge the power, release the button will charge forward for a short distance and add a punch attack. The longer the charge distance is, the higher the damage will be.

Spirit Shield

After activation, you gain a large amount of shield value, and at the same time, you will cover other friendly units in the area around you. In the range, the value of the damage received by your friend is absorbed by your own shield of purpose. When the damage absorbed by the Spirit Shield reaches the upper limit, the shield will enter the cooldown and begin slowly recovering the shield.

Super Armor

Use Super Armor to absorb damage and create an explosion at the end. The more damage you absorb, the higher the damage.


"We cannot choose how we were born, but we can choose our future" are the words that Pepper abide by the most.

Pepper was born a 'heresy', "curse" with the ability to mentally summon a semi-transparent energy shield that envelope her from head to toe like a ghost. It repells anything that comes near her. To make things worse, she has no idea how to disable or control it.

Often, the shield would activate at the wrong moment and hurt others. Slowly, people began to distance themselves away from her, to the point that she was finally exiled from her own village.

Pepper then embarked on a nomadic journey. Being kind-hearted by nature, she avoided contact with anyone for fear of endangering them. This lead her to feel lonely and disheartened...until the day she met Sarah, the top-notch medic from Sacred Vanguard.

Initially, Pepper had hoped that Sarah could rid her of this "disease", but to Sarah, Pepper was perfectly healthy. In fact, Sarah was convinced that the ability Pepper had wasn't a curse, but a sign of greater things to come.

With Sarah's help, Pepper learned to let go of her negativity and focused on teaching herself on how to harnass her ability to help people.

The day she successfully controlled her ability, she joined the Sacred Vanguard. There, she finally found friends, recognition and most of all, a place she can call home